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higi helps transform the way communities take care of themselves.

Track. Engage. Learn. Connect.

Track and understand your health

Knowing your numbers is the first step to making them better. higi helps you keep track so you can be a healthier you.

Measure what matters

Count more than just steps. Easily track a range of stats with daily summaries for a more complete picture of your overall health.

We're on your way

Visit a higi Station nearby

Keep tabs on your body stats with free health screenings at leading food, drug and club stores. higi Stations make it easy to measure numbers that are important to your health.

Connect your fitness device

Connect your favorite apps or fitness devices to higi and earn watts for your activity. See all of your information in one place. Don't have a fitness device? No sweat! Download the higi mobile app for iOS or Android to use your phone's built-in step tracker.

Your stats at home and on the go

Easily keep tabs on your numbers on the go. Keep track of your body stats and activity data online or on the higi mobile app.


higi challenges help keep health fun

Whatever winning means to you, we'll challenge you to get there.
 Stay motivated with a pat on the back, an encouraging word or a chance to score some loot if you win a challenge drawing.

Compete. Achieve. Repeat.

Challenges give you an easy and satisfying way to work toward your goals. No matter where you stand, we won't let your personal accomplishments go unnoticed. Watch as your digital trophy case fills up with shiny achievements!

Watts in it for you?

A little competition never hurt nobody

You've got what it takes. Choose a challenge to compete in. You’ll earn watts towards challenges by measuring your body stats on the higi Station and even for tracking your steps. Throughout the challenge, you can use chatter to share motivating tips with fellow challengers or even talk some smack.

Another shiny trophy for the case

We believe every milestone, big or small, is worth celebrating. Collect badges, medals and trophies for the hard work you put in. Don't forget to show off your bling to your friends!


Find information on topics that matter to you

Smart content to help you get smarter about your health. higi connects you with hand-picked information from trusted sources.

Meet your trusty sidekicks in wellness

Join a community or join a bunch! Communities are a great way to gain from others' expertise and keep your finger on the pulse of what's important to you.

Created with you in mind

See the latest in health and wellness

We make it easy for you to stay on top of the latest trends in health and wellness. Our community gurus provide a constant stream of digestible content to keep you informed and motivated.

Tailored to your interests and needs

Help the community tailor future posts by letting them know what's working for you. Like a post? Give it a high-five to show your support or add a comment to share your experience with other community members.


Support and be supported.

Don't go at it alone, get support on your journey.
 higi connects you with your network of friends, like-minded
 higsters and communities to help you meet your goals.

You've got a friend.

Reaching your goals is easier with others by your side. Follow a friend or join a community to help nudge each other along.

A wellness network for you

Where everyone knows your name

Looking for a place to compete, support and learn from other people with similar goals? Take your pick of communities that suit you best. Once you're in, let the games begin! High-five and comment within chatter to cheer on and encourage others and start to feel the love.

See what your friends are up to

Follow people who motivate you, whether they’re your friends, family or new friends from a community.

higi is committed to quality


It's your data. Keep it to yourself or share it with others—it's up to you. The privacy and security of your health information is a big deal to us, and we work hard to protect it. All higi Stations and our data storage meet healthcare security standards including HIPAA. We continuously focus on exceeding compliance standards.


higi Stations are FDA cleared and go through a rigorous QA process. Every higi Station is scientifically calibrated to an accuracy of four decimal points. Be rest assured, our technicians check them at the factory, warehouse and also during installation.


We're committed to providing greater accessibility every day. higi Stations are designed to be wheelchair accessible. Our stations’ information is also available in multiple languages.

We partner with leading food, drug and club retailers throughout the country.

higi Health Stations are conveniently located in leading food, drug and club stores where you already shop.

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