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Over 62% of Americans at Risk for Hypertension Under New ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Guidelines*

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Over 62% of Americans at Risk for Hypertension Under New ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Guidelines*

Population health data released by higi sheds light on need for consumers to know their risk for hypertension and have access to convenient healthcare resources

CHICAGO – May 17, 2018 – higi, a population health enablement company that makes it easier for people to be their healthiest with free biometric screening stations nationwide, today released new data in conjunction with “National High Blood Pressure Education” month that illuminates the importance for individuals to know their personal blood pressure metrics.  

Using anonymous data from higi’s network of 11,000 health stations conveniently located at retail pharmacy locations, including Rite Aid, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Walgreens and Publix, higi identified that 62.3% of the public using higi stations over the past 12 months had blood pressure measurements in the hypertensive range, as per the new American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) 2017 blood pressure guidelines. This is a notable increase from the 33.5% recorded rate of high blood pressure measurements under the prior guidelines. In fact, on average more than once every 48-seconds a higi user learns that he/she has their blood pressure in the hypertensive crisis range (BP >180/120 mmHg).  

As illustrated in this map, higi recorded a variety of blood pressure readings nationwide, but the Southeast U.S. – particularly Alabama and Mississippi – shows the highest rates.

The American Heart Association suggests that consumers check their blood pressure and take steps to manage it based on their level of hypertension.  The ACC/AHA guidelines now suggest that high blood pressure should be treated at above 130/80 mmHg instead of the previous guideline of 140/90 mmHg. To manage high blood pressure, the AHA recommends:

  • Eating a low-salt diet
  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Enjoying regular physical activity
  • Managing stress
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Working with a doctor

The AHA also recommends regular blood pressure monitoring over time as an important part of addressing high blood pressure.  Consistent monitoring can help detect patterns and gauge if changes made are having a positive impact on an individual’s blood pressure. Additional details can be found here.

With over 11,000 higi health stations nationwide, delivering an average of one million screenings each week, higi is uniquely positioned in retail locations to help consumers know and track their blood pressure and other important biometric health indicators, including pulse, weight and BMI. Beyond engaging consumers in their health at convenient retail locations, higi also gives users the opportunity to act on their numbers by opting in to share their data with trusted providers, including their doctor and retail pharmacist, to monitor health over time and receive the services and products they need.

higi has implemented the new ACC/AHA blood pressure standards on its stations, allowing consumers to see how their blood pressure is now viewed through these new standards and receive information on what steps to take based on their degree of hypertension.  By being consumer-centric and engaging the consumer in convenient locations, higi and retailers are empowering a better way for consumers to understand and act on their health.

“Following the announcement of the new blood pressure guidelines, we witnessed a nearly two times increase in the number of blood pressure measurements in the  hypertensive range,” said higi Chief Medical Officer and CTO Dr. Khan Siddiqui. “Through our trusted partnerships with the retail community, higi is uniquely suited to deliver convenient health screenings without requiring consumers to take the time and go through the expense of visiting a medical office.”

As tens of millions more Americans receive a high blood pressure diagnosis, higi remains committed to helping consumers understand the importance of engaging in their health, providing educational resources, and motivating individuals to better manage their blood pressure. To date, more than 47 million people have used a higi health station to measure their biometric health indicators and receive critical information to enable and inform their healthcare management.

Join higi in supporting “National High Blood Pressure Education” month this May by taking the first step of visiting a higi health station at a convenient retail location to know your blood pressure number.


higi is a population health enablement company that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their health data. Through a nationwide network of over 11,000 FDA-cleared self-screening stations found at pharmacy retailers and other community locations and over 80 different third-party integrations, higi makes it easier to engage consumers in their health.  As the largest repository of standardized biometric data, higi’s population health solutions enable healthcare organizations to better reach targeted populations; collect biometric and other health determinant data to stratify and prioritize consumers; and motivate consumers to take specific actions at a point of care. To date, more than 47 million people have used a higi health station to conduct over 271 million biometric screenings. For more information, visit us at web-dev.superbuddytime.com.