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Wear Red & Take Action Against Heart Disease by Knowing Your Numbers

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Wear Red & Take Action Against Heart Disease by Knowing Your Numbers

Wear Red & Take Action Against Heart Disease by Knowing Your Numbers

At higi, it is our mission to make it easier for people to live their healthiest lives.  We do this by empowering people to take the right steps towards better health by enabling health organizations to engage consumers in their health.

This February, we are proud to stand with the American Heart Association in “going red” by encouraging women (and men) to take action against heart disease.   Nearly one in every three women die from cardiovascular diseases – and heart disease claims more lives than all types of cancer combined.

Yet, 80 percent of cardiovascular diseases today can be prevented through education and lifestyle changes.  At higi, that is why we are so passionate about encouraging consumers to take that first step towards better health by knowing their risk for hypertension, and then working with their care providers to do something about it.

Under the new ACC/AHA blood pressure guidelines for hypertension issued last November, 61.5% of people who used a higi machine to check their blood pressure number were hypertensive – and 10.5% were categorized as elevated.  At higi, we want to lower this number.

Through our 11,000 plus higi health stations located with over 50+ retail and pharmacy partners across America, we not only provide free access to blood pressure screenings, but also empower consumers to know their numbers, connect this data with their trusted health care providers, and track their progress towards better health.

Taking that first steps towards better health shouldn’t be hard – that is why we are proud to wear red today. By joining with our trusted retail partners and healthcare organizations, we stand committed to providing the resources and motivation needed for consumers to better engage with their health and do something about it.

At higi, we make step one easy.  Know your number today. Find the higi station closest to you at web-dev.superbuddytime.com/locator